International Left-Handers Day is an international day observed annually on August 13 to celebrate the uniqueness and differences of left-handed individuals. The first International Left-Handers Day was observed in 1976 by Dean R. Campbell, founder of Lefthanders International, Inc.

This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed in a predominantly right-handed world. Seven to ten percent of the world’s population is left-handed, so this day celebrates left-handed people’s uniqueness and differences.

When is International Left-Handers Day?

International Left-Handers Day is observed every year on August 13 to celebrate the uniqueness of lefties since most people use their right hand.

International Left-Handers Day Quotes

 Here are some of the International Lefthanders Day quotes to share with all the lefties among your family and friends.

Life without left-handed people wouldn’t be right.

If the left half of the brain controls the right half of the body then only left-handed people are in the right mind.

God made everyone right-handed, only the truly gifted overcome it.

Lefties – in great demand but limited supply.

International Left-Handers Day Quotes

Damned infernal gizmo. My kingdom for a left-handed can opener.

When nothing goes right, go left.

All the decisive blows are struck left-handed.

The left-handed are precious; they take places which are inconvenient for the rest.

 “I may be left-handed, but I am always right.” — Anonymous

Two and a half thousand left-handed people are killed every year using things made for right-handed people.

I may be left-handed, but I am always right.

‘Im left-handed, and it’s not very easy to find reasonably priced, high-quality left-handed guitars. But out of all the guitars in the whole world, the Fender Mustang is my favorite. I’ve only owned two of them.

Left-Handers are not different because they are unique; They are unique because they are different.

Left-handers don’t just write differently, we also think differently.

International Left-Handers Day Images

It’s a left-handed thing, you wouldn’t understand.

I’m left-handed: I can think and feel at the same time. My feminine side is very highly developed.

“Left-handers don’t just write differently, we also think differently.” — Anonymous

Famous lefties

  • Amitabh Bachchan, actor
  • Sachin Tendulkar, cricketer and former India captain
  • Barack Obama, former President of United States
  • Bill Gates, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft
  • Julia Roberts, actor and philanthropist
  • Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook and media magnate
  • Lady Gaga, singer and songwriter
  • Oprah Winfrey, talk show host and philanthropist
  • Paul McCartney, singer and songwriter, once part of Beatles
  • Neil Armstrong, astronaut
  • Marie Curie, scientist
  • Henry Ford, industrialist
  • Aristotle, philosopher

Facts about left handers

  • About 10 per cent of the people worldwide are left handers.
  • Left handers use the right side of their brain more and thus, they are more inclined towards art and creativity.
  • Left-handed people are known to be smarter than right-handed people.
  • As per research, the connection between the left and right sides of the brain is better in lef handers.
  • Left handers have better underwater vision than right handers.
  • Lefties have better underwater-vision than right-handed people
  • Left-handers also face a higher risk of insomnia, psychosis and alcoholism

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