Vasant Panchami, also known as Basant Panchami, celebrated by a large majority of Indians. This festival is celebrated as a mark of the arrival of the spring season. This also marks the start of preparation for Holika and Holi. Holi is celebrated just after forty days of the Basant Panchami celebration.

On the day of Basant Panchami People dress up in yellow saris or shirts or accessories, & prepare Yellow color sweets & snacks. Just start your day by wishing your friends & family Happy Basant Panchami. Here’s we have great collections of Basant Panchami greetings, wishes, quotes, and pictures which you can share with your loved ones to mark the festival of spring.

When is Basant Panchami celebrated in 2021?

This year (2021) Basant Panchami will be celebrated on Tuesday, 16 February.

Wishing you Happiness, Good fortune, Success, Peace, & Progress on the occasion of Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami Wishes

People offer prayers to Goddess Saraswati on this day. According to Hindu mythology, Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and learning Find the best Basant Panchami Wishes, SMS, Messages, Whatsapp messages, and greetings here.

May the occasion of Basant Panchami, Bring the wealth of knowledge to You, May You be blessed by Goddess Saraswati & All Your Wishes Come True.

May Goddess Saraswati Bless You With The Ocean Of Knowledge Which Never Ends

On the auspicious occasion of Saraswati puja, I wish you always stay blessed with prosperity and success in your life.

May Goddess Saraswati Bless You With The Ocean Of Knowledge Which Never Ends. Happy Basant Panchami.

There is cheerfulness in the air and sweetness in the song of birds as Spring comes near. Happy Basant Panchami.

On this auspicious day of Saraswati Puja, may you wear yellow and bloom like mustard fields, fly kites and soar into the sky like them, welcome the spring season and shed lethargy and burn evils like Holika. Happy Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami Short Messages

This year, as the nation gears up to celebrate Basant Panchami and Saraswati Puja on Feb 16, exchange Vasant Panchami greetings & Short messages with friends and family on this day.

Check out Vasant (Basant Panchami 2021) WhatsApp messages, GIFs, photos, and SMSes & share them with your friends, well-wishers, and family.

May you be bestowed with knowledge and wisdom… have a blessed Basant Panchami!

With fragrant flowers and fluttering butterflies around, soft breeze whispers in your ear – Happy Basant Panchami!

As the chill in the weather vanishes with the arrival of Spring; I wish all your sorrows also evaporate. Happy Basant Panchami.

May You Be Bestowed With Knowledge And Wisdom. Have A Blessed Vasant Panchami!

happy vasant panchami images

Wishing you Happiness, Good fortune, Success, Peace, & Progress on the occasion of Basant Panchami.

Let’s pray to the goddess of knowledge and wisdom on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami. May the goddess stop showering her blessings on us!

Spring is in the air, Fresh blossoms everywhere. Sending you my warm greetings on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami!

May the vibrance of the color yellow fill your life with love and light this Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami Wishes in Hindi

Must do the thing on the day of Basant Panchami is to wish your family & friends a Happy Basant Panchami & Saraswati Puja. Wishing Happy Basant Panchami each other in our local language is the best to do a task. So if you are searching Vasant Panchami wishes in Hindi then, you are in right place. Download fantastic Vasant Panchami wishes in Hindi from here.

Basant Panchami ka ye pyara tyohar,

Jeevan mein laaye khushiyan apaar,

Saraswati viraaje aapke dwar,

Shubh kaamna hamari karein sweekar.

Happy Basant Panchami

Maa Saraswati ki kripa aap par sadaiv bani rahe.

Apke upar gyan ki varsha ho aur vidya ki bauchhar ho.

Apko aur aapke samast pariwar ko Saraswati Puja aur Basant Panchami ki dheron badhayi.

Peele Peele Sarson Ke Phool, Peeli Ude Patang,
Rang Barse Peele Aur Chhaye Sarson Si Umang,
Aapke Jeevan Mein Rahe Sadaa Basant Ke Rang.
Happy Basant Panchami

Maa Saraswati viraje aapke ghar dwar
Shubh kamnayein karein sweekar
Basant Panchami ki hardik shubh kamnayein.

Jeevan ki har pariksha mein aap safal ho,
Basant Panchami ke tyohar ke din aap sabhi par Maa Saraswati ki kripa ho. Happy Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami Wishes

किताबों का साथ हो पेन पर हाथ हो,
कॉपियां आपके पास हो पढ़ाई दिन रात हो,
जिंदगी के हर इम्तिहान में आप पास हो,
सरस्वती पूजा की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!

बसंत के आगमन से सराबोर मन करता है सहर्ष खुशियों का अभिनंदन।
हैप्पी बसंत पंचमी

फूलों की वर्षा, शरद की फुहार, सूरज की किरणे,
खुशियों की बहार, चन्दन की खुशबु, अपनों का प्यार, मुबारक हो आप सबको,
बसंत पंचमी का त्योहार। हैप्पी बसंत पंचमी।

Whatsapp Status

On the auspicious occasion Vasant Panchami Saraswati puja is performed for success and prosperity in life. On rhis Day Devotees wear yellow clothes and cook yellow coloured dishes and desserts like meetha chawal and boondi ladoo.

In case you are looking for some Vasant Panchami messages and quotes to update on Social media then, you are on the right page. Download Basant Panchami Whatsapp Status from here. May Goddess Saraswati fulfill all your wishes. Happy Basant Panchami! You can use various hashtags like #BasantPanchami2021 #saraswati puja.

As winter ends and mustard flowers bloom, may your life also bloom. Happy Basant Panchami 2021!

A very Happy Basant Panchami and Saraswati Puja to you and your family.

Just like nature is turning into bright shades, may your life turn into happy shades too. Happy Basant Panchami!

May you be untouched by darkness and ignorance. Here’s wishing you an illuminated life. Happy Basant Panchami and Saraswati Puja to you.

Like all other festivals in India, Basant Panchami is also known for the delicious dishes like Kesari sheera, boondi ke ladoo, sweet saffron rice, Yummy rajbhog, and khichdi are prepared on this day.

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Poem on Basant Panchami

जहाँ से चली मैं
जहाँ को गई मैं –
शहर, गाँव, बस्ती,
नदी, रेत, निर्जन,
हरे खेत, पोखर,
झुलाती चली मैं।
झुमाती चली मैं!
हवा हूँ, हवा मै
बसंती हवा हूँ।

टूटे हुए तारों से फूटे बासंती स्वर
पत्थर की छाती में उग आया नव अंकुर
झरे सब पीले पात
कोयल की कुहुक रात
प्राची में अरुणिम की रेख देख पता हूँ
गीत नया गाता हूँ

~अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी 

बसंत ऋतु है आयी देखो –

देखो बसंत ऋतु है आयी ।

अपने साथ खेतों में हरियाली लायी ॥

किसानों के मन में हैं खुशियाँ छाई ।

घर-घर में हैं हरियाली छाई ॥

हरियाली बसंत ऋतु में आती है ।

गर्मी में हरियाली चली जाती है ॥

हरे रंग का उजाला हमें दे जाती है ।

यही चक्र चलता रहता है ॥

नहीं किसी को नुकसान होता है ।

देखो बसंत ऋतु है आयी ॥

Basant Panchami Quotes

16th February 2021 marks as the auspicious day of Basant Panchami. So, here are some Basant Panchami quotes, wishes, images and messages that will help you wish your loved ones on this festival.

Let’s flaunt our dresses in yellow hues; Worship Goddess Saraswati with all divinity, And share yellow sweets with all the swoon! Happy Basant Panchami!

When you find a DREAM
inside your HEART…
don’t ever let it go…
Coz dreams are the tiny seeds
from which beautiful
Tomorrow grows.
Happy Basant Panchami

Days are too busy, hours are too few, seconds are too fast, but there is always time for me to say hello to someone like you. Smile and enjoy Basant Panchami.

I pray to Goddess Saraswati for you that,
This great occasion of Basant Panchami,
May bring a huge wealth of knowledge for you,
And may you be blessed by Goddess Saraswati,
Wish you a joyful Basant Panchami.

We all pray to Goddess Saraswati,
Who is bright as like as the colored moon,
And who is respected & followed by the all Gods,
May she protect us and keep up away form bad habits.
And may she make us to avoid,
The sluggishness lethargy and ignorance.
So today I wish you Basant Panchami full of Knowledge

Thus Download best Basant Panchami quotes images in English, Vasant Panchami photos, Vasant Panchami wishes for WhatsApp, Basant Panchami wallpaper, and Basant Panchami wishes in English.

Happy Vasant Panchami Wallpaper

Change the Wallpaper of your mobile with our beautiful collection of Vasant Panchami Wallpaper & just enjoy the festival with fun and enthusiasm.

Happy Vasant Panchami Wallpaper
Happy Vasant Panchami Wallpaper
Happy Vasant Panchami Wallpaper
Happy Vasant Panchami Wallpaper
Happy Vasant Panchami Wallpaper

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