Happy Dhanteras 2020- Dhanteras Wishes Images, Wallpaper, Pics, Quotes, Status, Messages, Photos: On this special occasion, people believe it is auspicious & lucky to purchase gold and silver which will bring good luck & prosperity.

The word Dhanteras comes from the Sanskrit words dhan, which means wealth, and teras that refers to the 13th day of the Hindu calendar.

Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi and Dhanvantari Trayodashi, is the first day of the five-day-long Diwali celebrations. It is considered an auspicious occasion to buy gold jewelry and new utensils.

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E=enjoyment, R=romance,
S=subhagya so wish you a very Happy Dhanteras!

Here are some of the wishes that you can share with your friends and family on this auspicious day of Dhanteras. 

Wishes for Dhanteras 2020

Wish you and your family a very Happy Dhanteras.

May this Dhanteras shower you with wealth and prosperity as you journey towards greater success.
Happy Dhanteras!!

May goddess Laxmi bless your business to do well in spite of all odds. A very happy and prosperous Dhanteras.

May this Dhanteras celebrations endow you with opulence and prosperity. Wishing you a bright future. Shubh Dhanteras.

May this Dhanteras celebrations endow you with opulence and prosperity. Wishing you a bright future. Shubh Dhanteras.

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Happy Dhanteras Facebook & Whatsapp status

Warm wishes on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras to you. May Lord Kuber shower you with wealth and prosperity for a beautiful life

Make it a memorable Dhanteras by buying gold and silver and celebrating the auspicious occasion with your loved ones.

A festival full of childhood memories, a sky full of memories, a mouth full of sweets, a house full of diyas and a heart full of joy. Happy Dhanteras!

God’s blessings may come as a surprise and how much you receive depends on how much your heart can believe. May you be blessed beyond, what you expect. Shubh Dhanteras!

Shimmer with silver, shine with gold and dazzle like platinum! May Goddess Laxmi bless you and your family. Happy Dhanteras!

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Happy Dhanteras 2020 Quotes

This Dhanteras greet your loved ones and remind them that you care with these wishes.

May goddess give you these 10 things in life
Happy Dhanteras to you and your family!

Dear Goddess Lakshmi
Bless the recipient of this message with thirteen times Dhan
Happy Dhanteras!

May this Dhanteras light up new dreams,
Fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues, different perspectives,
Everything bright and beautiful,
And fill your days with pleasant surprises and moments.
Happy Dhanteras!

May goddess Laxmi bless your business in spite of all odds!
Happy and Prosperous Dhanteras.

May this Dhanteras endow you with opulence and prosperity…
Shubh Dhanteras.

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Happy Dhanteras Wishes in Hindi

Iss Dhanteras kush kash ho,
Dilo mein khusiyan,
Ghar mein sukh ka vaas ho,
Har moti pe aapka taj ho
Mite duriya, sab aapke pas ho
Yeh Dhanteras aapka khas ho

Apka karobar, Dinodin badhta jaye
Sneh aur pyar, pariwar me bana hoti rahe sada aap par dhanki bochar,
Aisa ho apka DHANTERAS ka tyohar.

आपके चेहरे पर मुस्कान रहे इतनी की,
खुशियों की न रहे कोई कमी
मेरी तरफ से आपको और आपके परिवार को
मुबारक हो धनतेरस…!!!

आश्रीवाद बड़ो का,,
प्यार दोस्तों का,
दुआएं सबकी,
करुना रब की,
धनतेरस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाए….!!!!

सोने का रथ, चांदनी की पालकी,
बैठकर जिसमें है माँ लक्ष्मी आई,
देने आपको और आपके पूरे परिवार को
धनतेरस की बधाई….!!!

लक्ष्मी जी से एक प्रार्थना हैं,
धन बरसे या न बरसे, पर कोई रोटी को ना तरसे।

Happy Dhanteras Wishes in English

Sun glows for a day, Candle for an hour and matchstick for a minute. However, my heartfelt wish can glow days forever. Happy Dhanteras my dear!

May this Dhanteras Celebration endow you.. with prosperity and opulence. Endless Happiness comes at your doorsteps. Wishing you a very bright future in life. Shubh Dhantrayodashi 2020!

May your life be full of happiness and harmony with enough wealth to give you all comforts you ever wished. Stay blessed. Happy Dhanteras!

Diyas glow for hours, Sun glows for a day, but my wishes for you are going to glow forever. Have a happy and blessed Dhanteras!

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Happy Dhanteras Images HD

happy dhanteras images

On this festive day of Dhanteras, May divine blessings of Goddess Laxmi bestow on you bountiful fortune. Here’s sending my wishes. Happy Dhanteras 2020!!

happy dhanteraswishes images in hindi
Happy Dhanteras Wishes Images in Hindi
happy dhanteras images

May this Dhanteras Celebration Enbow you with prosperity! Wishing you endless happiness! Happy Dhanteras..lvsv.me

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Images of Dhanteras

happy dhanteras images

Sun glows for a day, Candle for an hour, Matchstick for a minute, But a wish can glow days forever, So here is my wish for Glowing Dhanteras, Glowing life…!! Have a Blessed Dhanteras,..lvsv.me

Dhanteras Images

happy dhanteras images

Final words-On this Diwali 2020, wish Happy Dhanteras to your friends & family with our best collection of Happy Dhanteras Wishes & Quotes in Hindi & English, The festival is known as “Dhanatrayodashi” or “Dhanvantari Trayodashi”.

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Dhanteras Wishes for Daughter & Son

“May Lord Kuber is always there to bring you wealth and success and Lord Dhanvantri to bless you with health…. Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras to my son.”

“May there be many celebrations… May there be many smiles… May there be many joys surrounding you…. Happy Dhanteras to you.”

“I pray to Lord Dhanvantri to always impart you strength to have the best of health…. Sending you lots of love and warm wishes on Dhanteras.”

A very Happy Dhanteras to my daughter….. May the happiness and smiles in your life never fade…. May you are always blessed and successful.

To my loving and caring daughter, I wish a very Happy Dhanteras to you…. May success awaits you in the year which will begin very soon.”

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