World Heart Day is celebrated worldwide on September 29, every year. This day is celebrated to create awareness of heart health. As Covid 19 pandemic has taken the spotlight in the healthcare sector. It has displayed the importance of the healthcare profession; national healthcare systems and it has also showcased our individual responsibilities for our own health.

World Heart Day Theme

Years Heart Day Themes
2006“How Young is Your Heart?”
2007“Team Up for Healthy Hearts”.
2008“Know your Risk”.
2009“I Work with Heart”.
2010“I Work with Heart”.
2011“One World, One Heart, and One Home”.
2012“One World, One Heart, and One Home”.
2013“Take the road to a healthy heart”.
2014“Heart Choices NOT Hard Choices”.
2015“Creating Heart-Healthy Environments”.
2016“Light Your Heart, Empower Your Life”.
2017“Share the Power”
2018”My Heart, Your Heart”
2019”My Heart, Your Heart”
2020“Be a Heart Hero”

On the occasion of World Heart Day, I wish that your heart always stays healthy and happy. So take care of your diet and always keep your heart in good shape!

Greetings For World Heart Day

Your life will keep on beating until your healthy heart keeps on beating. Happy World Heart Day.

Let us celebrate World Heart Day by going for heart checkups and promising ourselves to eat healthily and live happily. Best wishes on World Heart Day to you.

You live longer and healthier if you have a heart that beats without any complications.

A healthy and active life can always be beneficial to your heart. Happy World Heart Day.

Never ignore any problems related to your heart, it can prove to be costly in the future. Happy World Heart Day.

You live longer and healthier if you have a heart that beats without any complications. Happy World Heart Day.

Stress and tension is the root cause of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. So stay happy and keep on smiling. Happy World Heart Day.

our heartbeat should be free of complications in order to lead a healthy and active life. Happy Heart Day.

Life becomes an enjoyable journey for you if you possess a heart that beats correctly. happy heart day.

The basis of your life is your heart and you just cannot afford to ignore any of its problems at any cost. happy heart Day.

Messages For World Heart Day

Here are some World Heart Day wishes, messages, greetings, and quotes that you can share with your family and friends to make them aware of cardiovascular disease.

On World Heart Day, make a promise that you will say no to all those things that can cause damage to your heart.

A healthy heart is a key to happiness in life. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day

Keeping a healthy heart is essential if you don’t want to be apart from your loved ones. Happy World Heart Day.

Always listen to your heart. Happy World Heart Day.

Never lose your heart in any situation, it is the best way to deal with all kinds of problems. Happy World Heart Day.

Start taking care of your heart before it falls apart. Happy World Heart Day.

A healthy heart is the main source of your strength. Happy World Heart Day.

On World Heart Day, start doing everything you can to maintain a healthy heart.

Make it a point to run every day to shed your excess weight. Happy World Heart Day.

Today is World Heart Day, the day on which you should say no to smoking.

Heart Day Quotes

The beat of your life goes on only if you have a healthy heart. 

“We’re in a situation now where weight and extreme weight and heart disease is the biggest killer in this country today.” -Jamie Oliver

Not the simplest of problems can be solved without a healthy heart, thus, keep your heart healthy.

On this World Heart Day, promise to keep yourself and your family members fit by taking proper care of their hearts.

Spend a day filled with happiness and joy on World Heart Day.

On World Heart Day, let us realize the fact that each and every heart deserves the same amount of care in this world.

We tend to waste so much of our time doing unwanted things, just spare a few moments for the well-being of your heart on international Heart Day.

Stay away from all kinds of stress and kill the tension, only then can you have a healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.

If you want to keep on listening to the music of your heartbeat then do make it a point to look after your heart’s health. Happy World Heart Day.

Spend a day filled with happiness and joy on World Heart Day.

On World Heart Day, let us recognize the fact that the heartbeat is the most important component of our lives as it ensures our survival. Happy World Heart Day.

On World Heart Day, let us take the pledge that we won’t do anything in life that can go against the well-being of our hearts.

Let us learn the art of winning hearts on World Heart Day.

Let us make more people aware of cardiovascular diseases on World Heart Day.

Run for a few kilometers to burn that excess fat in your body on World Heart Day

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